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Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web: www.citifax.com.hk




For send fax, you can print this and to make it as a quick reference card.

Fax007 email fax handy card ( welcome visit - www.fax007.com )    
Immediate send fax   Example:
1) type the syntax in To: field           faxnumber@fax007.com   16468125319@fax007.com result in sending fax to fax number 16468125319
2) press the Send fax button to deliver the fax    
Preview before send fax    
1) type the syntax in To: field           faxnumber/preview@fax007.com   16468125319/preview@fax007.com result in holding fax for your preview
2) press the Send fax button and wait for return Email for you to preview    
3) return email notification with 3 options which you can choose one    
    (Preview). (Release). (Cancel)    




Fax007 email fax handy card ( welcome visit - www.fax007.com )    
Send fax     1) type either one of the syntax in To: field of Email   You may store the whole fax command as Fax Phonebook in your Email Phonebook
                  2) press the Send fax button to deliver the fax   (most Email software supported), just use same way as you store Email contacts.
faxnumber@fax007.com                             ( Immediate send fax )   faxnumer - do not put space or any text in between the number
faxnumber/preview@fax007.com                ( Preview before send fax )   preview - need wait for a return email to your account to preview the fax image, a few public email may not compatible for this command and the command should always put at rear.
faxnumber/nocover@fax007.com                ( Immediate send + Cancel Coverpage )   nocover - remember do not type any character/text in the Email Subject or content page, and attachment is always required otherwise your fax has no content. For Public email account which default with advertisement message result would send a page with the adv. message.
faxnumber/nocover/preview@fax007.com   ( Preview before send + Cancel Coverpage )    
name/faxnumber@fax007.com                   ( Recipient Name + Immediate send )   name - the command must put in front of the "faxnumber" and better put a under scroll to replace space when typing in between last/first name and email format does not accept "," or "bracket".
name/faxnumber/preview@fax007.com       ( Recipient Name + Preview before send )    




n If need to put space, use underscore '_' to represent space.  I.e. Peter_Flemington-ABC_Shipping/16468125319@fax007.com

n Always put the optional Recipient Name switch in the beginning then follows by Recipient Fax Number.

n Always put the optional Preview switch in the end.  I.e. before the @ sign