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Fax007 VS other Email Fax Service

  Fax007 Other Email Fax Services
Software and Hardware Install Not required Some are require software Installation
Via user designated mail address to receive fax Yes Almost all are
Receive fax by multiple email address free of charge Yes Some are not
Need to logon Service Provide web site software to send fax Not Required Almost all require
Via user designated mail address to send fax Yes Almost all cannot
Send fax preparation time 5 to 10 seconds (Because no need to logon other software simply fax directly via user Email account. Thereafter, fax message receive & send are unified  in one single Email Interface.) A few minutes up to more than 10 minutes (Because require waiting time to logon Service Provider web client software. Longer time to logon is required during peak hour and web software operation speed is slowly in most case.)
Send fax like email Yes. Send fax follows same method of email Almost all are not
Receive and send fax message and transaction history storage Store in user own Email Account Store in Service Provider Web software
Fax Phonebook create and storage Store in user own Email Account Store in Service Provider Web software
Both Fax and Email can send in the same message Yes A few can
Multiple Languages and fax attachment support Supports all MS Windows Language (English, Chinese, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indian, Portugese…etc); Supports all MS Office document types, DOC, XLS, PPT…etc. TIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML, PDF, Unicode encoding. Most are support English, a few supports multiple languages (with limitation); supports a few document types DOC, XLS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP.