Unify Fax with Email. You can manage both email and fax in your email program.
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Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web: www.citifax.com.hk





Fax007 Advantages


Other fax service providers require customer to login web site.  In busy internet traffic period or when customer is in overseas, accessibility and speed become unstable.  Customer also has to learn using web fax software making internet fax much like a web fax software service other than fax telecommunication network service.  Fax007 turn this around to offer customer real experience of Email Fax.


One big difference of Fax007 Email Fax telecom service is we are built with Unified Messaging technology offers customers to:

  • Send, Receive fax and email messages in same email account

  • The email account can be customer’s current personal/company email address or

  • Any public email address such as Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, Navigator and all others…

  • Any email interface such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange, Lotus Domino, Apache and all others…

  • Send, receive fax is just the same as email. No need to spend time learning new software