Fax007 efax service provides simple e-mail access allow faxes to be sent and received by e-mail. We will assign a dedicated Hong Kong fax number to you and no installation is required. With the powerful function in the industry offered by Fax007, receive or send fax is the same as handling email message.

Whenever you join the service, you can manage your fax messages easily through your email address anywhere in the world. From now on, you can use your email address to receive fax through an assigned Hong Kong fax number and send fax to Hong Kong without long distance cost. Besides, you can also enjoy low long distance rates faxing to other countries beside free to Hong Kong.


  • Dedicated Hong Kong fax number to receive fax through multi fax lines.
  • Junk fax filter.
  • No extra hardware or software is required, no installation totally.
  • The most simple send or receive method, just fax through your pre-registered desired email address.
  • Fax image and fax history store in your own email account in your own computer.
  • Need no wait time to logon any web site to send fax, simply logon your pre-registered email address.
  • Send fax syntax and method is the same as sending an email message, just type in the fax number as recipient's address in the To:, cc: or bcc: field (e.g. 28329608@fax007.com).  Same message can fax and email simultaneous.
  • Fax phonebook is stored and created in your own email account but not to keep it in service providers’ software.
  • Without any installation, Fax007 still can offer the most powerful fax preview feature.
  • Fax007 supports the most file types for attach when faxing - supports all Windows languages & files, e.g.: DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB…etc, TIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, all levels PDF, Unicode, HKSCS, HTML….

Receive Fax

  • No any installation just require your email address

  • Assign you a Hong Kong fax number

  • Inbound fax direct forward to your Email address


Send Fax

  • No any installation just require your email address

  • No long distance cost to send fax to Hong Kong from anywhere - through your pre-registered email address even if you do not bring your computer but simply logon your Email address through any coffee shop, hotel or anywhere in the world

  • Send Fax easily– simply logon your Email address and ready your fax then put the fax syntax faxnumber@fax007.com in the email To: field and click send.

  • You can fax attach any Windows documents in your fax when send (support all languages, all MS Office documents, PDF, HTML….)

  • Fax transmission result will send by Email to you

  • Same message can fax to multi-fax & email to multi-email recipients simultaneously

Take a tour on detail feature

Store your fax phonebook confidentially in your Email Account

  • Fax007 eFax service offers you to store your fax recipient phonebook in your Email account to keep contact privacy versus other service providers require to store them in their software or in their web client account

The only system offers you the powerful send fax features

  • No need to wait to logon any service provider web interface to send fax

  • Direct logon your Email address to send fax

  • Fax image and fax history store in your own Email Account

  • Offer you the powerful feature Preview before confirm to send your fax for you to selectively take a look at important fax before release to send.  Only Fax007 has this advanced send fax option.

  • The only system offers you to send Fax & send Email to multi-recipients simultaneous


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