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Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web: www.citifax.com.hk



Fax007 fax provides simple e-mail access allowing faxes to be sent and received by e-mail.。We will assign a dedicated Hong Kong fax number to you and no installation is required totally. With the powerful function in the industry offered by Fax007, receive or send fax is the same as handling email message. From now on, you simply logon your email account then you can manage your fax messages easily in any corner of the world.

Dedicated Hong Kong Number

Assigned a Hong Kong dedicated fax number to you

If you want to use your current Hong Kong fax number then you may apply a call forward function from your telco




Receive fax and re-forward fax
Need no wait time to logon any web site to check your incoming fax, simply logon your email address to get your incoming fax easily.

Simply use your own Email account, you can view all the incoming faxes; the most speedy and straight forward method ; no any Web client software is required.   Simply use the same way as you open your email message.

You can store, print or re-forward your fax message easily.



Send fax from Fax007
Need no waiting to logon any web site, just direct go to your Email account to send fax.

To send a fax is the same as to send an Email , just type either one syntax in the To: field of your email interface as below:       

Immediate send           faxnumber@fax007.com
Preview fax before send 

Fax007 will inform you each fax transmission result by email to your email address.

Only Fax007 fax service can offer totally NO installation required but still can equip you the preview fax before send feature.



Sent or received Fax Images and transmission results would permanently store & keep in your own Email account.

No need to wait to logon any web site to check your own fax record, simply go to your Email account to view all fax images or transmission history.




Fax phonebook is not kept in Web software provided by ISP but is permanently stored in your own Email Account

Store fax phonebook entry is the same as store Email address entry

The fax phonebook entry storage method is suitable for nearly all type Email Interface, e.g. MS Outlook, MS Express, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, CN21……etc.



Immediate add or make use of your Fax phonebook, you can easily send Fax & Email simultaneously as well as to send to multi-recipients. And the send method is the same as sending your Email.

Fax007 support the most file types and encodings.  Supports all Microsoft Windows languages e.g. English, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish etc... & Microsoft Office files types – e.g. DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB…etc. TIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, all levels PDF, Unicode, HKSCS, HTML…etc.


















Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web: www.citifax.com.hk