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  Fax007 Advantages
Start faxing use email.   


Fax007 Overview

Fax007 is fax service using email to receive, send fax.  You can have any email address to enable with e-fax function.  After you subscribe Fax007 fax service and register with your email address, we will provide you with a fax number.  Received fax in the fax number are routed to your email so that you can view the fax in email.  Moreover, you can send fax directly in your email similar to send email message.          


Upon sign-up, you will have:

  • A Hong Kong direct fax number will be assigned to you

  • No extra hardware or software, no installation is required

  • Send and Receive fax via your email address

  • Support Multiple languages

Received fax

  • Received fax is also attached as PDF (default) or TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF,  BMP.

  • The ability to receive faxes in anywhere, at any time whenever you can access your email box.

  • Faxes in your email inbox can be saved, printed or forwarded.

  • Unique bcc Boss feature to bcc received fax to boss email address.  


Send fax

  • To send fax, simply open your email in anywhere in any computer

  • No need to learn new software, send fax is the same as send email just to put as recipient email address. Type message note or attach files as the same way you prepare email.

  • Unique fax preview feature able to selectively view fax before send to ensure "what you see is what you fax".

  • Supports most file formats as attachments include Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher; PDF, HTML and common graphic files...

  • Supports most languages.

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Our Fax007 function just like e-mail, with one big difference. You can receive, send fax using your e-mail in anywhere.  Receive and send fax like e-mail, nothing to install, download or to learn.

電郵收Fax   Fax007特色


Fax007電郵收發傳真 是一項快捷方便的服務 。我們將提供一個獨立傳真號碼給您接收傳真,完全不需要按裝,收到傳真後直接送到您指定的電子郵箱; 收發傳真完全與處理電子郵件方法一樣,同業中功能最強


  • 提供一個獨立香港傳真號碼給您

  • 完全不需按裝及不需學習新軟件界面

  • 用你提供的電子郵箱收發傳真,無須登入供應商網站,速度最快,方法最簡單

  • 傳真文件內容記錄及傳真電話薄建立存放在自己的電腦內,無需儲存在供應商提供的軟件內

  • 即使於海外、世界各地只需登入你的電郵地址,便可用你的電郵收發傳真,技術超卓。



  • 傳真正本附加以電郵附件格式 PDF (default), TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP 傳入閣下電郵地址

  • 獨有bcc Boss功能,傳真可隱秘副本至老闆電郵地址。




  • 發送傳真,只需在電郵收件人位置輸入: 傳真號碼

  • 發送傳真動作完全與發送電郵方法無異,同一文件可傳真及Email 同時同步一併發送到多個收件人

  • 傳真電話薄建立及永久儲存在自己的電郵户口內

  • 功能最強 ,只有Fax007 糸統不用按裝但仍可透過自己的電子郵箱提供傳真預覧功能

  • 發送傳真Fax007 支援最多附件檔案類別,支援所有 Windows 語文及檔案、MS Office 任何語文檔案 - 例如: DOC, XLS, PPT…等, TIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, all levels PDF, HTML, Unicode, HKSCS…

從此以後,接收發送傳真就像電郵一般,統一在閣下電郵地址內。 真正電郵傳真,唯有Fax007





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Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web:


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