Best eMail Fax service, send and receive fax directly in your email address, worldwide fax number
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Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web: www.citifax.com.hk



Fax007 Overview 

  • Just $14 USD per month for Canada, UK, Europe fax number
  • Bundle with fax number in your preferred country
  • All service plans come with free quota of receive and send pages meet with regular fax needs.
  • No learning, no extra hardware or software, no installation
  • Support most file formats include Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF, HTML, common Graphic..
  • Support multiple languages
  • Worldwide coverage
     What you will benefit
  • Mobility: Send and receive faxes in any corner of the world whenever you can access your email account
  • Cost effective: With minimal fee, you can save a lot: no fax machine, no phone line, lower long distance fax charge, paperless
  • Private: Faxes are sent from and received directly in your private email box
  • Convenient: No missing faxes, all faxes are stored in your email account and you can retrieve it anytime, control its printing or forwarding
  • Easy: Easy as receive and send email message

RECEIVE FAX just like email



Start receiving faxes with Fax007 Email Fax service.  Upon sign-up, you will have:

  • A fax number in the location you chosen
  • Faxes received into this number are delivered directly to your Email inbox as TIF (default) or PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP attachment or
  • Received fax is embedded into email message body (default) that you can directly view the fax without open attached file.
  • The ability to receive faxes in anywhere, at any time whenever you access your Email account
  • Faxes in your Email Inbox that can be saved, retrieved, printed or forward
  • With the embed function, now the fax will auto open to you same as email in your inbox


SEND FAX just like email


Start sending faxes with Fax007 Email Fax service.  Upon sign-up, you can send fax directly from your email account.  It is simple, no learning, no installation because you send fax just like email.

  • No need to install software, hardware or phone line
  • To send fax simply open your email in anywhere in any computer
  • No need to learn new software, send fax is the same as send email