Fax007 eMail Fax Service

歡迎隨時登入訂購Fax007電郵傳真服務或更新您登記的資料。 請在右上角輸入你在Fax007登記的電郵地址及密碼,然後按Login。

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Fax007 advantages:

  • Send and Receive fax like email
  • Directly use your email address, any email address or your mobile phone to receive, send fax
  • Mobile receive and send fax using Public email or PDA such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Android phone or your company email address
  • Support most languages
  • Worldwide fax number
  • Subscriber will be assigned a direct Hong Kong fax number to receive fax
  • Low long distance fax send rate

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                  fax fly into outlook inbox after efax process

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