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This page is for online credit card subscriber only. Online credit card process is required in order to complete the registration.

For credit card subscriber, welcome to login to subscribe now to enjoy the Fax007 eFax Service advantages or to update your registered information.

Please use your registered email address and password to login.

If you forget your password, you can just fill in your email address, check the “Send my password” box and press "Login". The password will be sent to your email address.

If you have not yet registered, click the "Register” button to register before login.

Fax007 advantages:

  • Send and Receive fax like email
  • Directly use your email address, any email address or your mobile phone to receive, send fax
  • Mobile receive and send fax using Public email or Android phone such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or your company email address
  • Support most languages
  • Worldwide fax number
  • Subscriber will be assigned a direct Hong Kong fax number to receive fax
  • Low long distance fax send rate

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